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Poker Staking made simple


Trial Period


Player keeps 65% of the winnings. Only three weeks trial before evaluation. Free coaching for sponsored players.

Keep 65% of your winnings

We are proud to present what is probably the best poker staking deal online today. Any poker player who qualify for our poker sponsorship will be offered the following deal:

  1. – Keep 65% of your winnings
  2. – We cover your losing days
  3. – Free poker coaching
  4. – Taking part in monthly promotions

Only three weeks Trial Period

We have chosen to have a short trial period (Only Three weeks) with a time limit instead of a hand limit. This will allow us to see how active our players are and also allows a wider range of players to complete the three week trial period. Play as you normally play, at the blind you normally play at. Due to the design of our affiliate deals, we are able to sponsor a wide range of players. Most of our players comes in as break even player for then to develop into profitable poker players with help from our coaches.

During our selection for our poker sponsorships, we are looking at: determination – profits – discipline – will to learn an commitment

Monthly Promotion

Every month, we have some sort of promotion that ALL our players, staked or not, can take part in for free.

This month, our Monthly Promotion for April & March is Free Poker Coaching for all our active (not only players receiving poker staking from us, every poker player rakeing $1 or more) Black Chip Poker players! You have to use our banners while signing up at Black Chip Poker in order to take part of this promotion.

After rakeing the set amount, Black Chip Poker will contact you with a link/code for Drag The Bar – online poker coaching.

How to get Staked?

  • Register at P.S.
  • Chose affiliate & Play
  • Three week trail
  • Evaluation
You donĀ“t need to do anything except from registering and playing poker as usual!

Our Poker Staking Deal

  • Keep 65 % of the winnings
  • Receive free coaching
  • Take part of our Monthly Promotions
  • We cover your losing days


"Poker sponsors is a good concept for lower stake players. I have known the guys behind this for years. i look forward to working with them. I would definatly recommend..." -Paul Zimbler


Get your Poker Sponsorship now!

Here is your chance to build a free poker bankroll after only three weeks trial! Basically, we provide a poker staking service. A players who receives a poker sponsorship will keep 65% or more of profits while we cover the losses. This has shown to be a very popular poker staking opportunity among players at lower blind levels as it gives the players a chance to build up their poker bankroll for free. You try out for this during a three weeks trial period, where you play poker as you usually would (when signing up using our banners under "Affiliates" you progress will be tracked and evaluated). After three weeks of active playing, you will be evaluated and hopefully offered a poker sponsorship. During your trial period, you may take part of our promotions as well.

Poker Sponsorship