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Trial Period

Before we can offer any player a poker sponsorship, we need to see how you perform. We have several players receiving sponsorships based on break even performances so don´t be intimidated, you do not need to be a rounded poker pro in order to receive staking.

Due to the design of our affiliate deals, a risk taking player making big shot term profits in an hour a day might be as valuable to us as a determined player playing several hours every day. Since size is a big factor in the affiliate world in order to get the best deals, we are interested in staking a wide range of poker players. The more players we have, the better deals we can get.

We are looking for players to work with over time, already from an early stage. The Poker Sponsor concept is great for players looking to build their bankroll and take their game to the next level.

Important factors:

1. Determination
2. Profits
3. Discipline
4. Will do improve
5. Commitment
6. Activity

In order to take part, you need to:

1. Register at Poker Sponsors and choose an affiliate site to play at
2. Click the banner for the affiliate site you want to play at and register (if you go directly there, your account will not be tracked)
3. Finish your three week Trial period which we will evaluate
4. Hopefully get your poker staking deal!

Play at whatever stakes you are comfortable at, once our staff feels that you are ready to become one of our sponsored players, we will contact you.

We constantly evaluate our players performances, you can expect a minimum of three weeks as an trial period in order for us to have enough information to make a decision. Advice on the road – try to avoid big swings in your game!

Make sure to register a valid e-mail address so we can get contact you!